Everything You Need to Know About Our Commercial Painting Services

The right coat of paint makes a big difference, but attempting a DIY approach to a professional building is far too difficult. When you are looking for quality commercial painting companies, you do not have to spend hours searching “commercial painting near me.” BTY Custom Painting LLC is ready to help you with all your painting needs.

We work with talented staff who can help with a variety of detailed and complicated painting jobs. You get to skip all the hassle of trying to deal with the painting yourself and enjoy a quality paint job that will help you achieve your business goals.

At BTY Custom Painting, we have experience with the following:

  • Interior residential painting
  • Exterior residential painting
  • Industrial painting
  • Condo and apartments painting
  • Retail painting
  • Hospitality painting


Make Your Commercial Property Look Great

Nothing changes the appearance of a commercial property as quickly as paint. Painting an exterior ensures the business will give a great first impression to the customers. You can select colors that match your brand standards or choose hues that coordinate with your surroundings and provide a stylish appearance. Darker shades can create a warm and welcoming look while lighter hues help your business stand out in crowded spaces.

Inside the property, the right paint colors can help you meet your goals for creating a trendy, calm, or intellectual environment. Whatever shades you pick, paint makes your property look new, professional, and upscale. It is a great way to cover up old markings and start over with a blank slate.


Why Choose BTY Custom Painting LLC?

BTY Custom Painting LLC is a great choice for commercial painting Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey because of our quality customer service. You do not have to stress out over things like preparing painting surfaces or inconveniencing your customers.

We help with every step of painting, including preparing the area, applying the paint, and cleaning up afterward. Our staff will work with you to find painting times that let you stay on target for deadlines and welcome customers into the property.

Get the Paint Finishes You Need to Run Your Business

At BTY Custom Painting LLC, we understand that commercial properties have different needs than residential areas. Most commercial properties will require paints that are sturdier and more functional than the paints used in residential properties. Each business is unique, so we will help you find the right materials and paint styles you need for your commercial property.

In high-traffic areas, you can pick special coatings that stand up to the additional wear or tear. Those who have businesses in health care or food production industries may appreciate food grade and germ-resistant painting options. If you are painting an area that is going to serve a lot of people, such as a school or an office, consider low-VOC paints that improve indoor air quality. For outside areas, check out the paint we offer that can resist UV rays, moisture, and other harsh weather.

We Can Help with All Types of Properties

Another reason why BTY Custom Painting LLC is a great option for commercial painting in Pennsylvania is the wide variety of jobs we can help you with. We are comfortable dealing with smaller projects like local boutiques or bigger paint jobs like entire industrial parks. You can use us for both interior and exterior painting on a variety of surfaces, like wood, concrete, vinyl, and more.

Thanks to the diligence and expertise of our painters, we know how to produce quality results in a variety of types of properties, including:

  • Educational facilities
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment venues
  • Retail environments
  • Fitness centers
  • Rental facilities
  • Industrial centers
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Religious organizations
  • Warehouses

Do you have a commercial property in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, or other nearby regions that could benefit from a fresh coat of paint? Call BTY Custom Painting LLC today to learn more about our commercial painting services.

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